If you’ve ever filed a claim with U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for compensation or pension benefits, The VA may require you to go to an examination as part of the process. This is known as a VA claim exam or a Compensation & Pension (C&P) exam.


After you submit your claim, you may receive a phone call or a letter from the VA or a VA partner asking you to come to one or exams. Not every application for benefits will require an exam; it depends on what medical evidence has been submitted with you claim application. I you receive a letter for an exam contact the VA immediately at the number provided to reschedule your exam, if you have a conflict with your exam time and date. Try not to reschedule on the day before or day of the exam.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO ATTEND YOUR VA CLAIM EXAM.  Missing your exam could cause the VA to delay its decision on your claim, base their decision on the information they have in your file, or just flat out deny your claim. Make sure you call the VA if you cannot make the appointment.

The VA exam is different from a regular medical appointment because the examiner won’t prescribe any medicine or treat you for your disability; this exam occurs only if you file a compensation or pension claim. It is part of the claim review process and helps the VA determine if your disability is service connected, the level of your disability, or if your condition should receive a increased rating due to worsening.

The amount of time the examiner spends with you during your exam depends on what conditions you claimed and if the VA needs more information to make a decision. The length of   your visit could be very short, or last for one hour or more.


  • Ask you questions
  • Observe your behavior
  • Perform a limited physical exam
  • Simply review your file with you

Each exam is different, remember, your in-person visit is only one part of the claim review process. Typically, examiners’ spend time before and /after your appointment reviewing your medical records. Even if your visit is short, he or she is still carefully reviewing your claim.

  • If you have additional medical records, take them with you to your exam
  • Travel expenses, can be requested based on calculated mileage form your door to the exam facility.

Remember: the examiner is only involved in performing the claim exam. They do not make the rating decision.

This information is taken from VA informational Bulletins

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